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Properly Painting the Exterior of Your Calgary Home

Properly Painting the Exterior of Your Calgary Home

Summer is finally upon us and as residents of Calgary we know how important it is to take advantage of the warm months by completing outdoor home projects. One of the quickest and most affordable projects home owners can do is paint the home’s exterior. This is an efficient way to give your home the face-lift it needs. One of Calgary’s best painting contractors, Roller Coater, explains the best ways to take on this project. Read on to learn more from the painting experts!

Painting the exterior of your Calgary home not only updates the appearance of your house but it also acts as a barrier and protector from all of Mother Nature’s elements. When you properly paint the exterior of your home using quality supplies, it should last approximately 15 years making your efforts a wonderful investment. Use the following steps recommended by Calgary’s experts in exterior painting to ensure your paint job lasts.

First, it is extremely beneficial to wash the outside of your house before any paint is applied. Removing dirt, grass and old paint will allow for the new paint to stick and have a smoother finish. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is with a power washer, but you can also use a hose and scrub brush. All old paint will need to be removed as well. Often times this will require a sander or scraping tools. Then you will need to sand down the exterior of your house ensuring that all areas are smooth. During this process, be sure to wear the proper mask and breathing apparatus.

After you’ve removed the old exterior paint, there may be areas that require some quick repairs. For instance, small dents or cracks found in the exterior can be filled with epoxy. Now you are ready to apply a primer. Primers act as a seal that gives your Calgary home a smooth surface that paint can glide over. During this step, be sure to place a metal primer over any exterior nail heads to reduce rust from dripping onto the paint. Once the primer is completely dry, it is highly recommended to use caulk to fill all trim and siding. Skipping this step can result in bigger issues down the road so it’s imperative to caulk all the joints around the house.

Next is the fun part; picking out your paint colour and type. Depending on where you live geographically may dictate the type of paint best suited for your home. Once that’s been chosen, you can decide the best method for painting the exterior of your Calgary home. Many professional painters, like Roller Coater, employ paint sprayers since they’re so effective. Regardless of which method you choose, a good painting practice is to begin at the top and work your way done. Be sure that all of your landscaping, windows and gutters are shielded from any potential paint splatters as well. Lastly, once you’re done painting, let it dry and then enjoy your updated home.

If you are interested in painting the exterior of your Calgary home or have any questions regarding the process, call Roller Coater today at 403.305.1397.

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